gps tracking on your ArcGIS maps, displayed in your asset, limited only by radio range ! 

unique identifier, breadcrumbs, PIN drops, man-down alert and Area calculations.

RangerTrax© android: Powered by Esri !

RangerTrax© running on Android, powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS Runtime Software Develop Kit provides users access

to a their ArcGIS organization or public server for downloading TPK, VTPK & MMPK map formats. 

RangerTrax© uses Knox EMM and MDM for security with Microsoft InTune compatibility. 

we keep it simple

RangerTrax© has been designed on the KISS principle, requires no login and runs in “Kiosk mode.”  At power-up, the system boots and automatically runs the RangerTrax© application.  Your location and unique identifier are centered on the map with GPS lock in less than a minute. 

RangerTrax© works independent of any network. However, if a network is available, Maps download and track data uploads automatically to your server.

rangertrax© hardware configuration options

RangerTrax© utilizes vehicle and aircraft mounted VHF or UHF data radio modems, GPS enabled Land Mobile Radios and Personnel Trackers . 

F&R Snip
Kenwood LMR
Caleb w Atlas Brightened

asset Tracking

Offline mapping solution with Radio Frequency based tracking with your call signs.  


   Drop NWCG standard pins

Drop a PIN and all assets in radio range see it.  Type in the coordinates for local PIN Drops.


Multiple MAp Types and layers

Tracks displayed on your ArcGIS Organization's maps.  Google and OSM maps dowload autoamtically with connectivity .


Man-down alert

Broadcasts Man-Down alert with User ID and GPS coordinates to all assets in radio range.

Man-Down Icon received Screenshot_20220207-181122_RangerTrax[5682]

measure distance and area

Area calculations

Linear Measurements

Single Point Coordinate display

Bayfield Burn 20220216_RangerTrax

critical data sharing

RangerTrax© automatically uploads GPX file format track data 

to your server for display in apps such as Google or Collector.


situational awareness Is the Key to safety

RangerTrax© enhances wildland firefighter safety.  RangerTrax© will increase safety in remote and dangerous areas.  Knowing your location and your co-worker's location and how they got there is often a huge challenge in wildfire fighting. RangerTrax© provides an additional level of safety and security to the brave men and women who respond to the challenges of wildland firefighting.